9.20 Sommer hangar



The long-awaited summer is around the corner. You’re a little more and … Hello, warm sea and golden beach, palm trees, white gulls above the waves. “And how tanchiki?” – Say many fans of the game “World of tanks” and will be absolutely right. How to combine the seemingly incompatible things. But, as experience shows, there is nothing impossible. Simply install the modification of colorful summer hangar “Quiet beach” for World of tanks 9.20 WOT and everything will fall into place. The hot sun and the blue of the sea – please. White birds and the distant ships, floating away over the horizon? Here they are. And where is the favorite IS-3, which can break and flank, and potankovat, if possible? Yes, there he is, right in the center of all this splendor. It should be almost touching the edge of the surf tracks. Especially it happened or by chance, but by the will of the developers, the warship guarding this wonderful place for its beauty, looks like a participant of the other games from the company Wargaming. Why this was done is unknown. But the desire to play sniper scope, and bring crosshair on a tempting target, there will be at most of the “tank”! And I hear the sound of the shot and the voice in the headphones: “Hit” But to shoot at a target will not work! Hangar yet.




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