Zex WoT Cheat ModPack V2


* ZJ AimBotShaytan
* ZJ ContourLook
* ZJ HitMarker
* ZJ MarkerReload
* ZJ TargetDirection
* RedBall By Limarik
* Destroyed Objects On The Minimap By Stealthz
* VANGA AimBOT By Stealthz & Lportii
* Shadow By Stealthz
* Remove destructible object
* Minimap Gun Direction

If you have a weaker PC, do not use the XVM, decreases FPS!!!

If you use prohibited modes, you are risking to be banned !!!

Modpack Include:
Auto Equip, Automatic Extinguisher, Blue dead tank and white tracks, Blue Neon Damage Panel By Andre_V & GambitER, Green Neon Damage Panel By Andre_V & GambitER, Colored Lasers, Coloured marks hits, Contour icons, Crew extended, Destroyed objects on the minimap, Female crew, Golden tank, Gun marker, SafeShot, Shadow By Stealthz, Skills crew in the battle,  Tundra Mod, Visible Railway,  wn8 in battle,  xvm by zex,  YasenKrasen SessionStatistics,  ZJ AimBot Shaytan,  ZJ ContourLook,  ZJ MRL, ZJ TargetDirection,  …

In this version of the installer you can choose the full installation, installation without xvm, installation without cheat mods and custom installation. 

You can always uninstall by running the uninstaller from the control panel or start menu.

How to download


Install mods to the C:\Games\World_of_Tanks or where is your  World Of Tanks folder

Read this

How you can find mod that blocks the game.
Install first 10 mods, if the game is working then install next 10 mods, etc.
If the game happens to block, the mod that is causing the problem is in the
last group of mods you have installed.

With the elimination system, find the mod that is the problem for you.

>>Download zex modpack<<


  1. yesterday was all okey today after 2 hours game started to crashing idk why happened when I was in battle (all was working fine it was like someone was crashing my game so someone can destroy me 😀 😀

  2. Thanks for the mods Zex. Also, I have noticed 1 glitch in v4:
    The colored lasers use to go from red if enemy did not have a clear shot, to purple if the enemy does have a clear shot, but now, the lasers mostly say purple, which is little annoying, lol. I have also seen the lasers yellow at one time… So, aside from that, all is working well for me.

    • Also, just got a 7 day ban. Not sure what caused it. I used all features except the auto repair and auto fire extinguisher. Those 2 are about the only features other players could see, as I see other using it all the time. I will track a person and they will instantly repair and keep driving as if I never tracked them. So, I don’t use that feature. It is a pretty obvious feature. But the others are not very obvious at all, and I do not know how GGG detects cheaters.

  3. to the mail you sent me 10mins ago i can’t answer… have no idea why…. please check your facebook messages or try to send me a mail from another mail address…thank you!

  4. Thanks Zex, all is working well now, but…
    There is no zoom in anymore. 8x is the most now and it was like 24x zoom when in sniper mode…. Could you take a look at that? Would love to be able to zoom way in again.


    • Yea, I noticed these items do not work:
      zoom in
      contour look
      enemy direction arrows
      maybe others, but havent noticed or played enough yet

      Hope Zex gets it fixed soon, you the best my man!

  5. So there are a few things that do not work in 1.13v1:
    Does not work:
    aim bot- shytan
    contour look
    enemy direction

    There may be others, but that is all I have noticed so far.

    Thanks for the good work and keep it up!

      • Try to execute script(s) in folder:
        mod_ghosts.pyc executed.
        mod_awggm.pyc executed.
        mod_repair.pyc executed.
        mod_aiming_position.pyc executed.
        mod_garbagesuppressor.pyc executed.
        mod_minimap_tankview.pyc executed.
        mod_destructionsbeholder.pyc executed.
        mod_crewskillinformer.pyc executed.
        mod_observer.pyc executed.
        mod_extendedzoom.pyc executed.
        mod_redball.pyc executed.
        mod_tank_xp.pyc executed.

        Try to execute script(s) in folder:
        ScriptloaderPro executed.
        mod_zj_hitmarker.pyc executed.
        mod_zj_mrl.pyc executed.
        mod_extinguishfire.pyc executed.
        mod_tspyd1a1.pyc executed.
        mod_zj_targetdirection.pyc executed.
        mod_zj_aimbotshaytan.pyc executed.
        mod_zj_contourlook.pyc executed.

  6. Does this guy really expect people to donate money for running such a bad site?
    2 days and no update. Maybe if he managed this site better more people would pay.

  7. I downloaded and super! But is it possible that the scorpion also accompanies it? If you already have painting on it?

  8. Čoveče, pa ti si naš jbt ja mislio neki Rus bravo druže svaka čast za modove samo redovno apdejtuj taj zex modpack samo to koristim najbolji je i najprostiji ne moram da pejstujem desetine fajlova super je…odsad gasim adblock na ovom sajtu samo nastavi ovako.poz

    • Pozdav čoveče! 🙂
      Znam da su reklame dosadne, pogotovo ove napadne što se otvaraju u drugom prozoru, ali moram da sajt zaradi bar troškove.

  9. aimbot never worked properly the distance to the enemy is not 5 meters, it constantly misses
    If this program does not work well for everyone without discrimination
    there is only one thing to do;
    I report this site and all your programs by using the picture image to wargaming.net and the game.
    Remember that wargaming.net is also my sincere friend
    aimbot 100% update immediately and I will take action if anything goes wrong when I check

  10. It is working fine for me, but where is the good aimbot? You know, the one that locks on and predicts where the enemy is going and shoot in front of them? The aimbot that shows green arrows around the edge of the screen to indicate where the enemy is and turns purple when you have a clear shot? And shows the outline of the enemy tank when behind structures and things? What is that aimbot called and where can I get it?

  11. I was detected this cheat and was suspended for 7 days. Is there a way to avoid the next detection? Or should I not use it anymore?

    • niby kiedyś plik pyton powodował że te mody były nie do wykrycia przez wg ale teraz chyba prześwietlają pliki gry podczas aktualizacji i stąd bany. dobrze sie orientuje czy żle pisz?

    • You will eventually get detected again and then it will be a permanent ban, but you can ask for an account wipe instead. This has happened to me with 2 different accounts. They wipe all data except for bought items and premium tanks, so not a big deal really, lol. Not sure what happens if you get caught again after the account wipe, as I have only recently did the account wipe and have not been detected again yet. But, it will happen eventually, but I am cool with that. Just make another account., lol.

  12. Błąd:
    ScriptLoader PRO v1.40:

    Blad podczas uruchamiania skryptu:

    Sprawdz logi Pythona aby zobaczyc szczególy

      • Getting flagged for using prohibited third-party software for the first time will result in a warning and a seven-day ban. Breaking the policy for the second time will end in a permanent ban. Please be careful of the modifications you are using, so if you are not sure if a mod is allowed or not, don’t download it to avoid the potential risk of losing an account you’ve built for years.
        and I was banned for 7 days … until today! what advice do you give me …? is it ok if i use mode only for the target? just so much to activate. Please answer me to know … that I don’t want to lose count

        • you can use legit modpack,this modpack is illegal and you get chance of getting flagged with EVERY MODS IN THIS MODPACK, simply use legit mod pack, zex published legit version of mods ^^

  13. You can not DL this mod because it just keeps trying to get you add a search engine I did still would not DL. Freaking pisses me off.

  14. mod yaparken dikkat edin oyun kasıyor takılıyor hata veriyor siktirmeyin yaptığınız modu amına koyduğumun evlatları bunu yapan kesin tavuk çiftliğinde doğru amk malı

    • now we are fucked cos WG got some app. which can scan your game. Or my opinion is people been clicking to much on maps saying where other tanks going and other jealous cu..s grassed you up 🙂

  15. how the aimbot war is constantly missing
    well, what’s the purpose of doing it
    if anyone who designed it used their own mind
    don’t push yourself too hard

  16. Hello. First things first – the mod is phenomenal, especially the tundra mod saves lives.
    However, I have one question – (zj) aimbot-shaytan + autobot + autoshoot on (I choose in green color) – autobot works, autoshoot does not. Why? Do I have to press any additional key, right-click on mouse to confirm the selection of the target and mod follow it – but do not shoot, even if the target is fully visible.

  17. My offer to you is for 1250 gold I will complete a single friend referral for you. Comment if you are interested! Payment only after it is done 🙂

  18. After ROAD TO BERLIN is the same problem as yesterday (loading garage…. BUG)
    Random games works.

  19. Mein Spiel startet nicht steht nur da Verbindung aber nichts passiert und ein fehler kommt mit minigun ^^

  20. Zex paczka modów nie działa,kręci i Ładuje w garażu na okrągło.Proszę o zweryfikowanie paczki modów Pozdrawiam.

  21. installed mod for but the game dont start (at start it try to connect to the garage but the procedure contiune and continue without finish…)

  22. warum ist der YasenKrasen Session Statistiken nicht mehr drin 🙁

    Bitte nehmt den wieder mit in den mod mit rein

    Ansonsten danke für eure stetig schnelle arbeit

  23. La dernière mise a jour ne fonctionne pas…..entre les messages qui indique ordinateur bloqué et les mise a jour qui fonctionne pas sa devient n’importe quoi.
    Je vais aller voire ailleur.

  24. Hello Zex
    I can’t create a platoon, neither on my 2 other computers where I installed your latest mod Zex WoT Cheat ModPack V1

  25. [ZJ] AimBot-Shaytan is expired as well as some other cheats in the “ Zex WoT Cheat ModPack V1”
    Tnks ??

  26. Is there a mod to turn off all in game chat? I mean everything including map pinging. I want to see zero green text! I could do a macro the would put my entire team on block but a mod would be more practical. Thanks for your time.

  27. naturally like your web-site but you have to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very troublesome to inform the reality however I will surely come again again.

  28. Zex, in the notifications box in the garage, I saw an error message, then it said:
    sciptloader V1.40
    Mod file in “res” mod file detected.
    This can be an indication of a illegal modification

    I researched scriptloader and it is from WG, so does this mean they have detected the illegal mods now? It did not ban me, but I am worried now that they are able to detect the pack. I could also read that as it is just detecting a mod pack in res mods, and hasn’t detected a cheat mod. Your thoughts?

    • I also got a block. But will continue to use the mods. If you lock me permanently, then you should put your damn game up your ass. These miserable crooks. This game is not fair anyway. No matter whether camouflage system, view system, armor and penetration. Wargaming has an impact on your game outcome. The RNG is often a bad joke. As I said, I continue to use the mods. But is there no way that WG cannot track down the mods? Best Regards from Germany, Tom

  29. Hi, guys, I want to let you know yesterday WG made a hunt of us who using unfair modifications or for them cheats so many of us got a ban to accept me. I wrote a WG support and be honest I was a pissed off maybe some of us will be on my side let me explain I not writing this on another website or forum I writing this here course many of you will understand a situation. And don’t tell me I am cheater or another kind of shit but if yes I don’t give a fuck about that person. So back to the point, I am not happy with this course if I will make any other mistake I will get a permanent ban and I don’t want it I spent lot of money for this game over 2 000 and I´m not saying how much time I gave a this broken game. And let me tell you one thing i will be a never play this game without this mods I played over 10 000 battles without and my feeling was shit about this game and I not saying about my stats horrible but the most important thing this game is a piece of shit without this mods you don’t know how many times I was so angry about this how this game working spotting camo ARG physics and lot of other stuff in this game. If you use this mod you are still not a got on the battle just only you can have a feeling this game is much better with these mods and you can enjoy a bit more this arcade. Another thing this fucking company don’t care about us for them we are just a peace walking wallet nothing more this game is absolutely no fun and who was watching guys on the top list best players how many of you can get be like them almost nobody even with these mods you are not gonna by a unique player or even blue player. And you guys want just enjoy this game with this mods what is not legal for them you can do only fist stop to use them and play this game without but trust me when you used this mod and now you have to play without them you are not gonna enjoy it you are be only angrier how this shit game is. next step what you can do don’t care what WG said and after tham or straight use them again but I guarantee you will get a permanent bat and you don’t want that YES? And especially if you spent money and lot of time for your account then you can leave this game and do something another means another kind of game to play or something on real-life to do or another think last thing to try to sell you account but with this, you must be really careful. I will see what I will gonna do after my ban expires. I think this game and this company it did not deserve anyone euro pound dollar for this shit content and still, they are bosses if they don’t like you they can give a ban and what you want to do with that nothing they can do with this game whatever they want even after years you can see how they make new patches and they smart marketing focusing just for a profit not for game and players to be on me I will be don’t have any problem to leave this illegal mod to be let them a legal. Just WG today you don’t gonna see ever more money from my credit card and i hope guys don’t be a fish and play this game if you want without mods and be a suicide or or just dont play this shit it is up to you. Have good day GUYS!

    • WG sucks! and that is why its very good that people use this bot.
      So everyone else will hate game and stop plying! 😉

      I was banned, but I was’nt so salty…
      I have idea how I was captued.
      There where some places that apeared to be transparent when useing “remove destructive objects” mod.
      I shoot several times basically a wall. this is only way that they could get me actually…
      “to good hand” – “auto aim bot”mod is not thing that can be considered as fact.
      same goes to “remove fog and trees”. Lasers pointers, enemy loading time, etc. They are not just tought enought to be facts that can be used against you. But shooting into clear wall…. Why one should do it?

      • really I don’t know dude how they clutched me be honest I was using mods almost one year and I never had a problem just this day when they caught me with another over 4000 players on one day my theory is I thing that day wg put a small patch maybe that was that what was made a scan files like etc res, res_mod files and like that they caught me because that doesn’t give a sense why if they will do that manual I know about me they will be waiting for a one they with another player and them give us a ban together the same time now me ban is gone and I can play a game but I think about to sell my account I am not happy to play this game without this mods no point no enjoy. And try to play this game with this mods and get a premabat that is to risky special for how much money i puted they and time will be better to sell it form. what do you think guys what you going to do with this situation it is there some chance to play and dont be coutched or not? how wg protection working ? and if you got a ban for 7 days they will gonna put you an balck list forever and when they coutch you you are finish?

  30. Did any of you have game crash issue? Game crash several times in a hour, I am suffering that since 1.8 update, not sure caused by mods or my game client.
    Any reply will be appreciated.


    • why after battle the game in blocking? Not respond in task manager….
      is not the firt time in this update…..
      I get game block ( image freeze with updateing the garage) from at least 3 update in game

  31. I have a problem with sniper mode, when i go in sniper mode it immediately goes to x8 but its supposed to go x2 and idk what causes that

  32. The ingame modification list is in Russian. I cant understand what the settings are. Can anyone give me a discription of what the 3 settings are in the Mod Configurator?

      • The only way I did it was to load up an onscreen russian keyboard, type what I saw in Russian and then use a translate program. It did take a while 🙂

          • It was a while ago and I can’t remember that much. One of them was to do with the arty mods and the rest were not that interesting. Oh yes, one was options for automatic heal and repair.

    • Witam Mod pack powoduje jakieś komplikacje z grą dlatego ze nie widzę w celowniku tego okregu ktory pokazuje ze działo sie skupia

      • Translated: Hello Mod pack causes some complications with the game because I can’t see in the crosshair of this period which shows that the action is focused.

  33. Zex, after installing latest update I can’t move my turret on any tank 🙁 It is like they are glued in place. Thought you would like to know.

  34. modda kulanılan aim bot duran tanka bile vuramayan ve insanı kandırmaya çalışan piç tasarımcı senin ülkeni milletini aileni sikerim.piç hristiyan nedense bu din kafirleri insanın sabrı ile oynamayın banka hesaplarınızı boşaltırım ve fahişeler geneleve bağışlarım artı sizleri ayrı ayrı şikayet ederim

    • In English! The bastard designer who is not even able to hit the tank that stands in the bot, and tries to deceive the people used in the mod, I fuck your country nation, your family.

  35. aim bot yeşil olmasına rağmen bizi kandırıyor yani dezavantaj düşmana veriyor bu aim bot hakkıyla çalışmıyor bunu yapan süzme oruspu çocuğudur.sizleri kendim şikayet edeceğim

  36. Gra wyłącza się prawie przy każdym użyciu trybu snajperskiego :/
    Game shutting down almost every time im using sniper mode :/

      • Myb do new pack bcs this is bugged today i played all day and nothing now got problem with sniper mode when go in game shut down idk whats happend but well… i cant find mod witch bug this

      • Nic na dobrą sprawę nie naprawia problemu prócz usunięcia paczki z gry na chwilę obecną, próbowałem różnych konfiguracji i opcji ale gra ciągle się wysypuje z tą paczką :/

        Trying a lot of different config’s and options but game still crashing, imho game doesn’t work fine unless you uninstall whole pack on this moment..

        (Problem happens since 1.7.x.x update with random frequency like one time for 2-3 games, this update makes it even worse like 2-3 times per match :/ )

        It might be some sort of problem with tundra script in sniper mode, for me game mostly are crashing when i try to snipe through fallen tree but it migh be just my bad luck 😉

        • @ZEX It’s confirmed tundra cause problem, without tundra script everything works fine.

          Nie instalujcie tundra moda jeżeli macie problem z wyłączaniem gry przy trybie snajperskim. to on powoduje problem.

  37. buradaki yöneticler salak mı?
    neden bekletiyorsunuz?
    neden takip etmiyorsunuz?
    kendnizi insan mı sandınız
    aptallar sürüsü

  38. Zex, is there a guide to Red Ball I could read. Also is it possible to hightlight spotted tanks outside of the maximum view range, like you do for the last known position of enemy tanks? Thanks for the fast updates.

    In this folder:
    there is this executable:
    that try to connect to malicious web pages
    If I try to remove it, the game krashes and at restart the file cef_browser_subprocess.exe is there again…

    • I have same problem, Altought I haven t tried to remove it.
      But after most of games my game will be minimised and it tries to save audio file. wich sais something like audiofile.com. right now I do not remember what it sais actually.

  40. Zex WoT Cheat ModPack V2 the same problem mod is not working game crashed before start. this is probably 7 mod in a row what is not working only last zex_wot_cheat_modpack_1.6.1.0-v3 was works me.

    • This might help. I uninstalled the entire modpack thru the control panel, the I used the current version I still have in my downloads, but I eliminated anything that might be related to XVM in the modpack. This worked for me. I was not able to play the game the last 3 versions without going into safe mode until this. Zex did say the XVM was the problem. I could not use the 32 bit program like you couldn’t, so we had the same problem. I think this might work for you and others. But you have to unisntall first, cause if you don’t the xvm stuff is really still in the files.Hope this helps

      • ok tell me what you eliminated exatly couse i just starting lost pation with this spending lot of time to try found way how to fixt uninstal game everithing mod tried instal again game instal mod without xwm but rest of thinks i using but nothing gona happen the same problem and if i was prest ctrl alt delete chceck after game crashed i see naem of the proces WargamingError.exe*32 pluis 4 more proces was still runing like wgc.exe*32. Omg this is like nightmare for me Zex if you cant fix this problem and you makeing Apollo Pack find someone who can make chech leanguage for that mod plus give ofet to buy anilimited verson like you did once on march or april if i remeber right and you will be happy cous i will buy your product and i will be happy to get finaly somthing what gonna by works always and plus i will be underestand how to setup option in this mod couse is very dificult for me right now when i had that in trial. Thanks.

        • just to be clear, I uninstalled the modpack thru the control panel, you have to do that to get the xvm stuff out of the computer. Then i opened the modpack and did the normal process. When it came to checking boxes, I removed the following:
          Player stats….nothing checked
          contour icons….nothing checked (not sure if that was an issue, but did it anyway
          Win8 in battle….9seems like it’s related to xvm

          Those 3 removed allowed my game to be fully functional in 64 bit mode.

          Hope that helps you….from and american Chech, haha

          • before when i started i log to the game just in case is working and start with mod i removed all that 3 mods rest of that i left there instal and i thought finaly will be a work but no i lost my patience with this i give up. After last patch i am not anymore able to install this mod, anywhy tanks Will for try to help me.

    • will
      2 minutes
      Zex, see my reply above to aladin please. I figured it out and the above reply to aladin shows what I did. It was about removing the xvm, but uninstalling the modpack first, then redoing everything with the modpack but eliminating the xvm stuff. Thanks again for your efforts

    • the mod works fine for me, it takes a couple of minutes before the game actually starts. once past this points it works as it should be, even after i close the game and restart it (no more waiting after restarting).
      maybe its a component of the mod, i for 1 did not install the aimbot mode, even tho that the previous version worked fine. the thing i did to boot it faster was after start up and the game stalls for a bit i used alt+tab to desktop or even ctrl+alt+del and went back to the game and it finished loading and i could play.

  41. client won’t fuly load, gets stuck and freez before you can even sign on. i tried load 32 and 64 version but the same issue just try load but freez before sign on i dont know but i can see i am not alone with this problem cna oyu zex please fix it ?

    • The screen freezes when the game loads and stays that way.Both on v3, and also on v4. I’m really disappointed. Now I have to delete the forehead game and reinstall it…

      • Noooooo! Don’t waste your time doing that! There is an uninstall program you can use to remove the mod. You will save yourself a lot of time doing it this way.

    • Unfortunately don´t work!!!!
      The same as with v1, v2, v3: Still can’t get into the battle using the latest mod pack… 🙁
      Is there somebody who knows a solution?

  42. In my case it´s the same: Can’t get into the battle, can’t get past the team loading screen when using this latest update. Is it the mod, i think! Thanks.

  43. Can’t get into the battle, can’t get past the team loading screen when using this latest update. Is it me or the mod? Thanks.

    • In my case it´s the same: Can’t get into the battle, can’t get past the team loading screen when using this latest update. It´s the mod, I think! Thanks.

      • yea it is but wot leave them. and if you say game don`t have cheat or hack, you don`t play that game you play other game.all mods it is ilegal but the game it is perforated.

  44. Hey zex aimbot shaytan doesnt work for me.İs there any button for activate it?Vanga works just fine but i dont like it.Also is it about my windows 10?

  45. Hey Zex, thanks for the quick updates. For the last few I can’t seem to get enemy aiming direction to work! Please work your magic.

  46. Zex mody nie działają, wyszła łatka :ę o aktualizację tej łatki.Pozdrawiam miło i serdecznie.

  47. throws to desktop after every battle. Not crushing but sending me like ”Alt-tab”. using. I am using V2

  48. Just installed latest version, loaded the game starter, it said there was an update, tried to update but had error message saying I could not connect to the internet.

  49. Hey Zex, the dude here :), latest update it takes me just over 60 seconds to log into a game and when I do the game freezes for about 15 seconds. Also I think your tundra was at its best when you could press F2 and all the trees were displayed with the leaves instead of the current one where the trees only appear when you get close to them. Thanks in advance.

  50. It saying ESK mod is not working on my region. Which are the ESK mod? I will skip them and install the rest one! PLs help

  51. hey Zex,

    The current one mod pack (1.5.1) something is not good. Throws out the game, freezes the game, at XVM is out of order. I’m sorry because this was the best one till now

  52. Hey Zex! There is a stability issues, me and both of my friends had same crashes at same times, 2 or 3 times randomly and sometimes can’t relog in the game, instant crashloop. I always used your mod with XVM etc.. no issues til this new updt.

    Thanks for your work

  53. Hey Zex, for the latest update the following is not working for me. Enemy gun direction and destroyed objects on mini map.

  54. Zex, could you show me where to do this? I want to alter the auto repair mod so that my fuel tanks, radio or radio operator do not automatically heal. They are not that important to me. Thanks in advance.

  55. WOT has upgraded again? I call BS! I think it is to stop people using banned mods. Lord Zex deserves our support. Offer whatever help you can.

    • just merge the and files in each of the res mods and mod files in the game, everything seems to work fine

  56. Zex, what is it you have to change when the game updates? Is it something complex or just a few numbers that match the game up date? If it is easy to do then I volunteer to help you. What do you think?

  57. Thank you very much for your help. I’m not setting up another mode. I’m always waiting for your mode to come out.

  58. I set up apollo. Now I want to install and use zex. you can not delete. This is how a program. Please help to delete it. The two modes are mixing together each other while playing games. this apollo mode is not deleted. I’ve tried all sorts of ways. I just didn’t try to delete the game and reinstall the windows. i just want to use zex mod. please emergency aid.

      • Run the zex_modpack installation, unselect all mods and run game.
        See if you have folder mods or res_mods in the “res” folder. If there is delete both. I think that’s a problem. let me know.

        • Is this the solution? this mode is not deleted. close all settings in the game. I start the game again. all of the settings are coming back. The program does not appear in the uninstall list and is not deleted. Please do not put modes that cannot be deleted on your site. I’m used to your mode. I used apollo mode to put it before your mode, but I still can’t delete it and I can’t play games.

          • I still can’t delete Apollo mode. I’ve been pissed for a day. If you export the exe file, delete the exe file also give the zip file. Why doesn’t he do that? It’s settled on my computer like a virus. I’m also deleting from Regedit in the game … Please do not put any other modes into your site. Let’s just wait for your mode to run.

          • I found a solution. Go to C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_EU\res\scripts\client\gui and delete folder “mods”
            OR where is your res folder.

          • it doesn’t start when the game gives you critical error when you have just mods.pyc file inside mods and what you say.

          • repaired the game from support. I started the game again. am still looking at apollo mod

  59. I set up apollo. Now I want to install and use zex. you can not delete. This is how a program. Please help to delete it. The two modes are mixing together each other while playing games. this apollo mode is not deleted. I’ve tried all sorts of ways. I just didn’t try to delete the game and reinstall the windows. i just want to use zex mod. emergency aid.

    • I found a solution. Go to C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_EU\res\scripts\client\gui and delete folder “mods”
      OR where is your res folder.

  60. Hey, I really appreciate the work you put into making these packs. I’ve been using them for quite long, but just recently on the update, Ekspoint mods are no longer available for use on the Asian server. Therefore I’d like to ask if you’re able to make a version of the pack that doesn’t include the Ekspoint mods so I’m still able to use the other mods in the pack without being blocked by Ekspoint. Thanks!

  61. Thanks Zex, the auto repair may get me banned but until then – hold my beer 🙂 Does your software have a expire date to it? I get these Russian ingame messages until I update the software.

  62. Zex, good sir, any chance we could have an auto repair and an auto heal option, please? I’ve seen them being used and I’ve heard about them in other mods packs. Thanks.

  63. Cant seem to get your XVM working with modpack but if i install only XVM mod then it works but with modppack it does not.

  64. When will you update your great Package?
    Alot of stuff seems to be outdated right now.
    I would be really glad and thankfull!

  65. I can pay monthly for a cheat of metal war online too, in 2016 i had many cheats for this game, today i no see this cheat in market for use

  66. zex ścieżka działa i ma być tak: C: \ Games \ World_of_Tanks bez tego _EU. sprawdzałem i dziala i gram.

    • To naucz się czytać wyrazy wytłuszczonym drukiem, na czerwono, wielką czcionką. Czyli grałeś sobie zadowolony z aimbotem i laserami a gdy dostałeś bana masz pretensje do całego świata ? Oj biedny Ty, jak mi Cię żal, aż się popłakałem nad Twoją krzywdą.

  67. Appreciate the work your doing but this version has a error in it. At the beggining of a match i cant see my tank..only a image from above of the map that im playing on….and some locations of other tanks. Cant move..cant see objects around. Its really weird and unplayable. Im waiting for the next version

  68. Hi Zex, thx very much. Zex ModPack v5 – all ok.
    But, in version 3 xvm works perfect – team bulbs switch off/on, statistic (rank, nation, amount of battles) too and click TAB I saw xvm statistic also. In version 5 isnt. Can U fix it ?

  69. When I leave or finish battle game crashing and the only thing I see is inscription ” Loading Garage ” displayed all the time and i can’t do anything… Does anyone else have this bug?

  70. Java-Script Spam over 9000 -.-

    I know that it is from some of the mods included and not from you Zex, but that´s ridiculous in that version.

    Can you maybe check that?

    (Modpack works fine besides that – as usual)

  71. Hi Zex, is there a way to change tundra so that when not zoomed in all the trees do not have their leaves? I know I could press F2 but then that removes the bushes. Does think make sense?

    Also, I am working on an in game macro that links itself to a hot key which when pressed heals any crew member or repairs any tank damage in a fraction of the time it would take to do it normally. The player would still need the repair kit or first aid kit but instead of focusing on healing the tank, the player can now instead focus on the game more.

    Would you be interested in this macro? It is nothing complex and is simple to use.

  72. Hi after installation, the garage is constantly updated in the game. After a battle start then the game crashes and I have to restart it in order to play the round with. What can this problem be?

  73. željo, kako da zaštitim acc maximalno…da ne provale da koristim modove? jednom sam dobio kazu 7 dana zbog kako su napisali korišćenja ne legalnih modova..ima neke fore da se zaštitim max.?

    • mislim da je nemoguce potpuno zastititi, ako si vec bio banovan na 7 dana preporucujem ti da ne koristis zabranjene modove, kad tad ce te banovati trajno 🙁

  74. modu kurdum ama garaj güncellemede kalıyor. savaşa girdigimde ise oyundan atıyor hata raporu gönder diyor ne yapmam lazım yardımın ıcın sımdıden tesekkurler

  75. Sory _zex_ ale mody nie działają,przyłóż się i opracuj nowe zgodne z paczem pozdrawiam, nawet po usunięciu reload arty i zmiany na też Nie działa ,kręci ładowanie w garażu.

    • ya, xvm not working at 100%
      i wrote Zex few times f.eg. my bulbs not switch in our team list
      ps. Arty relod make garaga reloading – ya, dont install that

  76. Hi Zex, pls
    litle problem – coloured hits dont work ok, hit is green and ding nothing, right is hit red and ding green.
    I think in previous version this problem too.

  77. why can’t the mod pack delete existing components, this is bad! how can i delete existing components, where are they saved?

  78. No se puede ver toda la información que te dan porque la gran parte está en gris y no se puede distinguir bien lo que hace cada mod.
    Arreglen eso porfavor

  79. Hi Zex,
    i see bulbs in enemy team list (right corner), why not in my team list (left corner) ?
    ps. switch on/off problem

  80. Hi Zex, i have Sixth Sense but in left corner/team list i see nothing, then i dont know when my Sixth Sense switch off, pls fix it, thx
    ps. enemies Sixth Sense i see on/off


  82. Hi Zex,
    I tried install xvm mods to have at least one mod and after starting wot doing perfect. Why is the same way with your mods not working ?

    1. I see instaled your mod pack in mods
    2. few times restarded game and pc also
    3. nothing change, WOT is still game without your mods pack
    4. how start WOT with Zex ModPack v2 ?

    3.Cieľový adresár:

    Typ inštalácie:
    Full installation

    Vybrané komponenty:
    XVM: extended visualization mod
    YasenKrasen Session Statistics
    Arty Reload Timer
    Auto Equip
    Automatic Extinguisher
    Blue dead tank and white tracks
    Colored Lasers
    Coloured marks hits
    Contour icons
    Destroyed objects on the minimap
    Female crew
    Golden tank
    Mark of Excellence mods
    SafeShot By Protanki
    Shadow By Stealthz
    Fog Remover
    Replay Manager BY WGMODS
    Spot Messanger BY CHIRIMEN
    Tundra Script
    ZJ ContourLook
    ZJ Marker Reload
    ZJ TargetDirection
    Marks Of Excellence Display Mod
    Zoom out mod
    Damage Panel
    Damage Panel by GambitER
    Sights Harpoon
    Show skills crew in the battle
    Visible Railway
    Crew extended
    WN8 in battle
    ZJ Hit Marker
    Red Ball
    Black and white circle around the base
    Show on medals earned during the battle
    Remove destructible object
    Friends Marker Mod BY OLDSKOOL
    Minimap Gun Direction
    TD Handbrake Remove
    Gold Ammo Visibility Mod

  83. The latest modpack is not allowing me to go back from the battle to the garage – I have to restart the game. Also a pop up message comes up after every game on my desktop. Do you know about these? Could you fix them, please?

    • I think problem is with Stealthz mods (Destroyed Objects On The Minimap By Stealthz, Shadow By Stealthz, Remove destructible object By Stealthz and RedBall By Stealthz). Try without this mods.

          • Select the location by installing “D:\Games\World_of_Tanks”
            Not default “C:\Games\World_of_Tanks”

          • Hi Zex, I have only “D:\Games\World_of_Tanks” and there is your Zex ModPack v2. If you want give me e-mail and I send you printscreen.

          • Hi Zex, I deleted xvm from WOT folder, but many xvm files still there. Your mods are in WOT folder and instaled to D. But after start game only standart wot, without any mods. How start your mods ?

          • Cieľový adresár:

            Typ inštalácie:
            Full installation

            Vybrané komponenty:
            XVM: extended visualization mod
            YasenKrasen Session Statistics
            Arty Reload Timer
            Auto Equip
            Automatic Extinguisher
            Blue dead tank and white tracks
            Colored Lasers
            Coloured marks hits
            Contour icons
            Destroyed objects on the minimap
            Female crew
            Golden tank
            Mark of Excellence mods
            SafeShot By Protanki
            Shadow By Stealthz
            Fog Remover
            Replay Manager BY WGMODS
            Spot Messanger BY CHIRIMEN
            Tundra Script
            ZJ ContourLook
            ZJ Marker Reload
            ZJ TargetDirection
            Marks Of Excellence Display Mod
            Zoom out mod
            Damage Panel
            Damage Panel by GambitER
            Sights Harpoon
            Show skills crew in the battle
            Visible Railway
            Crew extended
            WN8 in battle
            ZJ Hit Marker
            Red Ball
            Black and white circle around the base
            Show on medals earned during the battle
            Remove destructible object
            Friends Marker Mod BY OLDSKOOL
            Minimap Gun Direction
            TD Handbrake Remove
            Gold Ammo Visibility Mod

          • 1. I see instaled your mod pack in mods
            2. few times restarded game and pc also
            3. nothing change, WOT is still game without your mods pack
            4. how start WOT with Zex ModPack v2 ?

          • Hi Zex,
            I tried install xvm mods to have at least one mod and after starting wot doing perfect. Why is the same way with your mods not working ?

          • set install path to “D:\Games\World_of_Tanks” not “D:\Games\World_of_Tanks\World_of_Tanks”

  84. _zex_ sprzedał nas WG i dlatego nas banują ,jest ukryta aplikacja w paczce modów ,stfu. nie ładnie tak robić.

    • There are many smart people and they would find a hidden code if there is one. Think what you want, but you’re wrong.

      • Zex is right, there is no “hidden” code. More likely WG has active software trained to look for specific ingame events to occur. Such as redballing the enemies arty without them even being seen. Any questions?

  85. zex Używałem Twoich modow, ale nie grałem od 01.07.2018 bana dostałem w czwartek czyli 05.07.2018 na 7 dni, widzę że sporo się ludzi posypało

  86. _zex_ nie wiem co się dzieje ,ale dostałem bana na 7 dni,czy tam jest jakaś aplikacja co WG kontroluje konta?

    • Yes got 7 day ban here also. Is there a file in here reporting back to WG? I was wondering when it was doing an update yesterday (right before ban) if it was pulling my python or something, seemed like it uploaded before it downloaded. Then ran mod installs, loaded WOT and 7 day ban.

  87. Zex can you add physics detector mod to your modpack?It is kind of a new mod and works like Destroyed Objects On The Minimap mod but with no time limitations.Also it should have better detection.

  88. there is something wrong with the new version, makes my game drop to 30 fps (i have a good system) must be some mod causing it.

      • its only happened once so far, i keep waiting for one to pop up again so i can taker a better look at it but hasnt yet, strange. definity was a WoT web broswer popup though

      • Yes, Red Ball by Limarik is the one that makes popups for sites.
        (my antivirus keeps warning for those popup sites.)
        Use Stealthz Red Ball mod instead, it has nothing like that afaik.

  89. Hi, i really like your Modpack, its simple for install and play. Great jobs ;)(sry for my english, im french)

  90. Para cuando una nueva actualizacion con todos los mods? y que paso con el AimBot -Shaytan?
    buen trabajo y gracias

  91. All works well, but no blue dead tank, strange. Is there a key for activate it? for all mods, is there a key for activate them? 🙂

  92. never got banned for using this modpack
    btw, what happened with many mods on latest version??? many useful mods were removed
    do u plan to add them in next version ???

  93. i’ve also noticed there is a lot of people getting banned. is this safe to use or what? what mods should i avoid using? (aimbot ofc, but is there others)^?

  94. remove destructible object makes the game drop to 20 fps when pressing multiple times SHIFT. this issue was a think until 1.0, is it still present with the new engine?

  95. Please could you add these options for the mod.
    1: An automatic repair kit with an option to set repair priority.
    2: An automatic first aid kit with an option to set heal priority.
    3: An option to block your entire team from chat.
    4: A users manual to the mod itself and what all the options are for.

    Thanks very much!

  96. Hi,
    just downloaded the modpack
    I can’t fire my tank?
    Did the mod change my control settings?
    Even after deleting the preferences file
    Pls help

    • Remove all mods, run game and goto Settings. On tab Support click button CHECH to Check and repair game integrity.

  97. This modpack is fukked !
    Crashes game 24/7 ! (since 9.22 i think)
    Did u sell it to WG and induced some code to crash it and report illigal mods users? cos it surely looks like that if u dont fix it…
    It WAS best modpack i know so far, nice easy clean install and best mods of choice !
    But sadly now its just CRASH CRASH CRASH…

    • I’m really sorry, I can try mods only on three computers, I see that it works and that’s it. Many people I know try and work with. I’m not reporting anyone. I do not know what the problem is with you, but you can find out which mode is the real problem. Try 5 modes, if everything is right then add 5, if you have a problem then it is easy to find it.

    • Yes, but I think 80% of players use some modes, will they give everyone BAN …?
      I’m wondering if XWM is forbidden to use … I do not know.

  98. Banovali me na 7 dana zbog modova…
    ” Topic: Your account has been suspended from World of Tanks

    Dear player,

    This is an automated e-mail to inform you that a temporary 7 days account suspension has been applied to your account. Your account has been identified for the usage of forbidden and unfair game modifications. The above action is applied immediately.

    Please note, that our decision is based on a very thorough investigation and cannot be overturned.

    Note that if you are flagged a second time, your account will be permanently banned.

    To avoid future action against your account, please familiarize yourself with our Fair Play Policy and a breakdown of illegal software categories:


    We are sorry that we had to take such action, but please note that our aim is to guarantee fun, fair play and strategic satisfaction to all our players. “

  99. Nonsense. It is not great wisdom to find out which mode creates problems. Be smart and find out which mode is the problem and tells us all. Run the elimination system.

  100. hy!the game is constantly crashing!%appdata% does not help
    and the installation was marked with the program !!!Trojan!!!
    Please check!

  101. Hello,
    Thanks for what you do. I have a problem with your pack. Before the ZEX skull as well as the ZEX MODPACK phrase appeared in the game when loading. It’s no longer the case now.
    Also vote pack can it be detected by WARGAMING?
    Thanking you in advance.

  102. I instal :

    xvm config by zex
    YasenKrasen Session Statistics
    Arty Reload Timer
    Auto Equip
    Colored Lasers
    Coloured marks hits
    Destroyed objects on the minimap
    Golden tank
    Shadow By Stealthz
    Fog Remover
    Tracers By KoCoi
    Tundra Script
    ZJ ContourLook
    ZJ Marker Reload
    ZJ TargetDirection
    Tank Trajectory By Pavel3333
    Zoom out mod
    Damage Panel
    Damage Panel by GambitER
    Sight Destroyer
    Show skills crew in the battle
    WN8 in battle
    ZJ Hit Marker
    Red Ball
    Remove destructible object
    Minimap Gun Direction

    and game not crashed.

  103. Czy działa wam celownik do artylerii bo mi jak nacisnę shift to pokazuje mi celownik ale nic nie można zrobić ani strzelać czy wyjść z tego kiedyś tego nie było.
    Proszę odpowiedź czy tylko ja tak mam?